Ship Spare Parts Supplier & Exporter in Bangladesh


Single source of contact and Supply for Ship Spares at Chittagong/ Mongla ports or export from Bangladesh. Highly professional sourcing and procurement of technical and sophisticated ship spare parts in Bangladesh. We have specialized knowledge about spare parts, Oily Water Separators and many other manufacturers.

Oceancare ensures emergency ship spare parts supply in all maritime Ports of Bangladesh.  professional engineer, technician,  workshop, supply official are in team coordination to meet shipowners requirements for the supply of ship spares whether it is new or reconditioned or imported. We feel product to confirm our availability at Chittagong port and Mongla port for 24-hour basis, 365 days. Quality confirmation and after-sale service are applicable for used and reconditioned ship spare parts supply services that we offer. At Chittagong port, we have available stock for ships spares that a vessel may require for all types of marine repair, overhauling & technical maintenance of all type of M/E & Auxiliary Engines.  We directly source our ship spares from Chittagong scrap vessel yards. In addition to our own stock, we can source or export any ship spare once provided details. Listed below the regular products that we supply at Chittagong for vessel’s repair work or export from Bangladesh after custom clearance-

•  Spare Parts for re-conditioning of cylinder covers
•  Spare Parts for re-conditioning of exhausts valves & seats
•  Re-conditioning of all types of pumps

•  Parts for Re-conditioning of all types of motors

•  Sapre parts for Boiler repairs

•  Spares for rewinding for Electric motors
•  Turbo-charger overhaul & spare parts
•   Parts for A/C & Refrigerating Plant’s repair & overhauling
•  Second-Hand Engine Parts

•  Repair of Electric equipment and machinery
•  Production of metal constructions
•  Casting, Forging and Punching of non-ferrous metals, steel and iron

•  Fabrication of the spare parts for vessels and machines, using up-to-date equipment
•  Steel fabrication, Cleaning, Blasting, Rigging
•  Hydraulic & Elect. Crane Repair

Single source contact and supply In Bangladesh


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Ship Spare Parts Export from Bangladesh

Oceancare regularly exports ship spares parts to USA and EU countries. Please update us with your requirements for the best competitive quotation.

What we do-

01. Logistics arrangement.

02. Sourcing ship spares and making ready for export after proper test and inspection.

03. Complete customs formalities and export permission from Bangladesh.
04. Urgent export using an international courier or regular shipping arrangements.

7/24/365 Response & Competitive Quote

Ship Spares & Equipment

Export of Ship Spares From Bangladesh

Based on the requirements, we export ship spares from Chittagong.  Based on the specification, we provided detail information to Princiapls. Once agreed, customs clearance is completed and DHL/ TNT/ ARAMEX is used to export the spares to the destination country.

Tanker Equipments
Safety Equipments
Pressure Gauges

Tank Coating
Heat Exchangers
Navigation Equiments
Communications Equipment

Mooring / Deck Equip

Main & Aux. Engines
Mechanical Seals
Propeller Polishing & Repairs
Underwater Welding & Cutting

24/7 Service
On Board Repair
Enginee Room
Spares and Repair


Repair of navigation lights, emergency lighting, emergency and warning alarms, fire alarm stations – all types, marks, models and modifications

We repair of radio and GMDSS equipment

All types, marks, models, and modifications.


  • Overhauling & Retrofit
  • Retrofit with TM87-X and TM180
  • Turbocharger Spare Parts Repair
  • Welding – Reblading
  • Dynamic Balancing